2022 books are now open 

If you would like a portrait of your pet please contact me and I will happily talk through the options available.
prices oct 2020

Pet portraits make the perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays or as a keepsafe of your beloved pet.

I use a variety of mediums for commissions including oil, charcoal, graphite pencil, coloured pencil and watercolour pencil. If you are unsure which medium you would like you can find some of my past commission pieces on my Facebook page with descriptions of what medium it has been done in, just follow the link here.

If you are local to Shropshire I am happy to come to you to take some reference photos,  it also gives me the chance to meet your pet and get to know them.

If this is not possible I ask for good quality photos from you (as many as you wish to send), there are just some key points to make for the perfect photo.

  • Clear photos. Most modern phones take good photos nowadays but the older models still struggle and pictures will often be blurred/pixelated when zoomed in.

  • Good lighting. Any areas of extreme brightness or extreme darkness and the details are completely lost.

  • Eyes! The eyes are the window to the soul and the most crucial part of the photo.

  • Good angles. This one may seem obvious but the animal facing the camera is best (unless of course that isn’t what you are after).

Below are two pictures of my own pets to show examples of a good reference photo and a bad reference photo

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