November 2020

Well it’s fair to say this hasn’t been a great year for anyone, with just over a month to go still I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse! I’m already looking forward to the new year and I’m hoping it’s a better one for everyone.

My year started well but in April I lost my mother, it wasn’t completely unexpected but still it wasn’t easy to get through.

As you can imagine my artwork was put on the back burner for a while and then with a house move in the summer, even less artwork got done.

Fortunately things settled down a bit as the busy Christmas commissions started building and they will now keep me busy up until the big day.

Next year I plan to balance my commissions with creating some original artwork as lately the commissions take up most of my time.

I also plan to get my head around everything non artwork based. By this I mean facing my fear and spending more time on the computer, keeping this website more up-to-date and uploading new artwork. As you can imagine I’d much rather be drawing but there’s one thing I’ve realised lately is that the boring stuff just can’t be ignored and in a very competitive artworld time needs to be spent getting yourself known to the wider world.

Well that’s it for now, I hope you all have a good Xmas.

stay safe


Well as you can see I’ve been pretty lax keeping up to date with my blog but the Christmas commissions have kept me extremely busy. Sadly new year has started with someone claiming my artwork as their own, so I have spent the evening watermarking all my images. Admittedly that is something I should have done from the start and I suppose I should be flattered that someone liked my artwork enough to pretend it was theirs.

After another successful exhibition at Ellesmere I hope to take some more paintings this year but at the moment I don’t have the time to paint anything as I am still working on commissions. Hopefully I will find the time.

This year it is my mission to really push my artwork and shake up the way I do things, especially the commissions. Watch this space!

Thank you everyone for all your support last year and here’s to a great 2020

One exhibition finishes and another one begins! Next week see’s the return of the Ellesmere National Art Exhibition. Last year was the first time I exhibited there and it was a great success, I’m really hoping for a repeat performance this year. I will be taking four pieces of artwork with me, one of which has yet to make it to my website. My Polar brothers, Resting tiger and Clouded Leopard painting will be available to purchase along with a painting of a kingfisher. If you would like to see the latter painting before travelling to Ellesmere you can find a picture of it on my Facebook page Animal portraits by Carrie-Anne. Opening night is Wednesday 29th May and it closes Sunday 2nd June. If you would like more information on the exhibition just click the link here or visit my Facebook page. I hope you will get the opportunity to visit the exhibit as there are some fabulous artists there and you will get the chance to purchase amazing artwork from both established and up and coming artists.

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